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Over the years, as the size of the Cirendeu open garbage dump in Jakarta grew, the 7 wells, used by more than 100 trash picker families living there have become contaminated. For years the rotting garbage, with help from torrential rains and flooding, has been polluting their water supply.

These families wash, cook and drink the water from these wells. A simple skinned knee on a child becomes so infected medical treatment is required. Both adults and children have intestinal parasites. XSProject pays to treat these ailments as well as ringworm and hookworm. The cost to treat the illnesses that families get from the water has been rising every year.

Bringing clean water to this community has been XSProject’s goal. But it was not a simple task. Until we knew what contaminants were in the well water, we could not determine what level of filtration would make the water safe. It took more than six months of research, university and laboratory tests, collaboration with local water filtration companies and some very special folks at Rotary Clubs International before XSProject was able to locate the right water filtration method that every family would understand and want to use.

It was when the Jakarta Cilandak Rotary Club became so committed to this project, that progress toward a solution began. After reviewing the water tests and pursuing locally make products they purchased and donated 70 water pots and filters for the families. On July 30, their trucks delivered the water pots. With help from XSProject and the manufacturer, Richard S. and other members of the Cilandak Rotary Club taught the families on how to use and take care of their filtered water pot containers.

It was a very good day for everyone to have a drink of clear, thirst quenching water.

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Many thanks to Dr. Titi and RSIA Lestari Hospital for helping XSProject at the Grand Opening of the XSProject Organic Farm.
Our guests enjoyed the tour of the farm, given by our 3 farmers Andre, Rudy ande Armand. Guests went home with fresh organic produce and some great XSProject products!