A Passionate and Inspiring Student named Syfa

A Passionate and Inspiring Student named Syfa

We would like to congratulate and welcome XSProject’s new college student this year, her name is Syfa. Syfa’s education has been fully supported by XSProject since she was in Grade 1. Syfa is a passionate and enthusiastic student who aspires to become a journalist. To achieve her dream, she perseveres in her studies to gain entry into the state university based on her own merits.

Syfa was accepted at UIN (Islamic State University) Syarifhidyatullah Jakarta through the national selection merits without doing any tests. She achieved a parallel rank based on her high scores and several Non-Academic Certificates / Provincial level competition certificates. She was among the 60 social studies students who achieved this rank competing against 256 students. She chose to take the political science field as it has broad job prospects which will be extremely helpful in mastering her public speaking skills to eventually achieve her goal to become a journalist.

Her parents fully support her strong determination to achieve her goals. When asked why they support her she replied: “Every parent wants the best for their children, and because they see the child’s determination to achieve their dreams and to make their parents proud, thank God my parents support me as they see my determination. And education is essential because my parents always advised me that children should be more successful than their parents.” Syfa is very considerate and grateful for her parents’ support. She says: “Sometimes there are conditions that demotivate us due to circumstances such as family, or even financial situations but there always is a solution to every problem. So, in such situations, we should try to save or not burden the family’s situation.”

Syfa and her parents

She enjoys hiking, trekking, taking part in rafting competitions, and other outdoor extracurricular activities outside of school. What motivates her to join these activities is she believes that every child must have the enthusiasm and spirit to be active and athletic. Each child should have other skills and interests apart from academics. Her coach is also her inspiration apart from her strong will. As a national athlete, her rafting coach encourages her to achieve specific targets in rafting activities. These activities boost her morale and increase her opportunity to enter a state university where the rafting competition certificate can be a bonus for her to use as a merit-based requirement.

Syfa together with her coach and friends after winning the Rafting State Championship

XSProject feels very honored and deeply moved by children like Syfa who are determined to gain further education and achieve their goals and aspirations. Her thoughts portray her deep sense of understanding and maturity towards life. It is a matter of pride for XSProject to continue to support such children to achieve a bright future ahead.

Syfa with her winning medal

We deeply thank our donors for their continuous contribution. Through their constant support and donation, children Syfa can get the opportunity to enrich themselves further.

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