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Working toward a sustainable solid waste and recycling system in Indonesia that offers fair wages and lifts people out of poverty.

XSProject make bags in their own workshop

Come and learn about how XSProject products are made and how they positively impact the community and the environment.



Scholarships: A pathway to success

Access to a reasonable standard of education from an early age is critical to helping children break free from a life of picking trash and poverty. The earlier they begin their education, the better their chances of completing school and finding meaningful work as young adults. The XSEducation Scholarship program caters to trash picker's children living in the Cirendeu community. Every child that enters the program will receive at least 12 years of schooling with some even completing college, and it's all paid for by XSProject. The scholarship also includes books, school supplies and uniforms.

Children sponsored by XSProject at school
XSProject sponsored child getting an immunization shot

Beyond the books

Even when a child starts their education early, there are many obstacles that can prevent them from continuing to success. Health issues like vision and hearing impairments or even dental problems can create real barriers to a child's ability to learn effectively. Reaching beyond the books, the XSEducation program provides each child with a free health checkup every year. This includes eye exams, eye glasses, hearing checks, dental work, medications and vaccinations.


Sponsoring a child's education can change a life!

Being a Sponsor for a child in the XSEducation program can be a rewarding opportunity to change a child's life. Whether you decide to sponsor our pre-school program which is preparing children for the first grade, or a child going to elementary or middle school or you choose to support one of our older students attending high school/vocational school, your gift of support will provide everything your student needs for a successful education.

XSProject children's education sponsorship program

Children sponsored by XSProject


children at primary school


children at middle school


students at vocational school


students at college (university)

You can sponsor a child's education

We have a big trash problem!

The problem we face is an enormous and ever-expanding mountain of waste; the cast-offs from our consumer lifestyle. It's getting out of control, but we can fight back! Refuse and reduce is a simple formula we can all follow. When buying something, ask yourself, "Do I really need this packaging?" If not, don't take it!


Growing a healthy community

More than 100 families have built their homes on the garbage dump at Cirendeu near Jakarta. The air they breathe is polluted; a toxic mix of methane gas emitted from rotting rubbish and smoke from piles of burning trash. It's no surprise this environment causes them significant health problems.

Good health is essential for communities to experience transformation. Children need to be healthy, to grow and learn. Adults need to be healthy to earn.

The XSHealth program exists to help meet these needs and promote positive health outcomes for the people of the Cirendeu community. Children are given first priority for emergency medical assistance when they are sick.

Homes in the dump at Cirendeu, Jakarta
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We pay for:

  • birth certificates for children
  • immunizations
  • birth control for women
  • chest x-rays to check for TB

Services provided:

  • health check-ups for children before they start primary school
  • classes teaching a basic understanding of health and nutrition


XSProject education sponsorship

Education Scholarships

XSProject sponsored child having his eyes checked

Health checkups

Water filters provide clean drinking water

Clean Drinking Water

Teacher and student at Pre Grade 1 class

Preschool classes

Library Project

School programs


Vocational Training

Most of the trash pickers are men. They are out on the streets all day collecting trash while often, the women are left to sort yesterday's trash for recycling. With little or no education, these women have no chance of making a living on their own to better provide for their families.

To help mothers find opportunities to earn extra income, vocational training programs are offered. Skills like sewing, jewelry making and cooking are taught. These courses are run in collaboration with other Indonesian foundations.

XSProject vocational training program
Volunteers painting the playground

Community Infrastructure

By sponsoring infrastructure projects, we are able to provide outcomes that will improve the standard of living for the entire trash picking community. Past projects include fixing a communal bathroom and the installation of a water reservoir.

We also maintain an emergency fund to help rebuild homes in the community lost to fire or flooding.


XSProject conducts workshops on the process of "upcycling". We teach techniques for creative waste reuse and how to transform it into desirable consumer products. We also educate people about the impact of waste on society and the environment.

XSProject Advocacy

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