Gratitude to Donors for Enriching Children’s Lives

Grade 4
Grade 4

This month we would like to highlight and express our gratitude to our donors. Because of the support from our donors, our trash picker’s children can receive formal school education. The schools broaden their horizons and provide them with various opportunities including the opportunity to take part in a Study Tour or Field Study programs. Study programs are part of their enrichment and add to their knowledge deepening their insights.

The Grade 1 children were able to visit Taman Mini “Indonesia Indah” (a cultural recreational mini park) where they went to the IMAX theatre and the Science Museum. The Grade 4 children went to the Geology Museum in Bandung. Through these study tours, children can learn and enjoy a new experience together with their school friends.

The opportunity for them to go to a formal school not only limits them to gaining basic education based on their curriculum but expands their education level to higher levels. They can open their minds by going to places like museums and other recreational areas.

Some of the mothers came back to us and told us that the children were very happy to be able to go on a school trip. One of the mothers said, ‘Without the support from XSProject, my daughter will probably never have the opportunity of going places while learning new things’. We were very happy to hear it.

We deeply thank our donors for their assistance and contribution. Through their constant support and donation, the children were able to get the opportunity to enrich themselves further.

Grade 5
Grade 5
Grade 1
Grade 1

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