XSProjek officially a Fair Trade Guaranteed organisation (WFTO)

XSProject Foundation was founded with the goal of finding solutions for how to turn unwanted waste into new products. Our main concern was for marginal groups such as scavengers and how to help them and provide an education for their children. Since the beginning we have recognized the principle-based activities of fair trade and felt that our activities were in line with fair trade principles. XSProject Foundation was a member of World Fair Trade Organisation with Certified Guaranteed System status for 3 years.

In 2019 the foundation established XSProjek, a separate company (PT.) to handle production.   One of our buyers was also interested in helping the new company to re-join as a WFTO member. This would expand the exposure for our products for buyers and end-customers who value fair trade principles. At the end of November 2021, XSProjek Company officially became a member of the World Fair Trade Organization certified with Guaranteed Fair Trade status.

The efforts to attain this certification were not easy. All 10 principles of Fair Trade must be fully complied with and implemented. In the long term and from the company’s perspective, the process of meeting these requirements is good for the company, good for the environment and especially good for our employees and partners. By joining this Fair Trade guarantee system, the benefits to the producers who make the products we market are more noticeable, and their livelihood from their work is more secure.

Customers also benefit from the knowledge that products they buy are made by organizations that have followed the 10 fair trade principles, such as: no child labour, product makers are paid a fair price, products are made with appropriate means of production, the material used for the product is sustainable and environmentally friendly, as well as the transparency between the producers and the organization that buys the product. An important aspect of the WFTO certification is an acknowledgement it may be difficult for organizations to fully tick all the boxes – especially as they join – and encourages the identification of weaknesses and a focus on continuous improvement and development.

Prospective members must go through an audit process to ensure the Fair Trade standards are being met and to highlight any areas of concern which need improvement – preparing a rigorous improvement plan with a clear implementation timeline is part of this process. Only after an organization passes the audit is it accepted as a member. It is then required to follow through planned improvement programs within agreed timeframes. This is verified in the form of regular return audits or visits from fellow members which also check up on ongoing compliance with Fair Trade standards.

All the 10 principles of Fair Trade attracted us to join. However, principle number 10, namely respecting environmental sustainability, is what underlies our company’s desire and intention to join. In practice we still have a lot to improve, but we are committed to putting in the necessary hard work!

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