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New Opportunity for Aminah

Aminah is one of the Angels at Cirendeu garbage dump. She was born in Jakarta on 19th August 1983. Her parents have 6 children, both already passed away. Aminah went to school until SMK (Vocational School), she wanted to continue her education but her parents being a trash picker did not have money to pay her further education.

After finishing her school she worked at various shops as a sales person for the next 8 years. With limited education, she cannot advance her career and she has to work many hours and also weekends. She had to stop working because she got sick.

She got married, had kids, and then opened a small warung (small shop) while taking care of her children.

“I was never interested in sewing, but I was so disappointed when I asked my neighbor who can sew but she did not want to take my order.

That gave me the interest to learn how to sew so I don’t have to depend on other people when I need something that needs to be sewn.

“I was so glad that XSProject offered the women at the community opportunity to learn a new skill. I took it without hesitation, plus my youngest child now is already at Pre Grade 1, and goes to school 3 times a week. I now have more time to improve myself, while my son is at school.

“My goal of learning to sew is so that I can make clothes for myself and my kids and I can fix any clothes that need to be repaired, and maybe that I can also help other sewers if they need help.

“Of course, I would love to have my own sewing business, so I can take orders and can earn extra income so I can help my husband earn more money.  It would be nice to have my own sewing business at home, so I can work but also still can take care of my family but I would also want to help other moms at the community by teaching them what I have learned, so other moms at the community can also learn new skills.

“Without the help form XSProject I would not be able to sew now. “

Your donation to XSProject through GlobalGiving will have a direct impact on making this happen. XSProject can provide many more women with micro finance loans, or just to improve their skills so that they can do something for themselves. Poverty could be just a lack of opportunity. This is the way to go towards self-sufficiency and a sustainable income. We hope you will continue to support our work and you are making the difference for them.

Making pattern

Making pattern

Learning how to use sewing machine

Learning how to use sewing machine
This article was originally pasted on the Global Giving website. There you can make a donation to the work of XSProject

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