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Fun activities to entertain the Children

In March, XSProject had a productive month as school started for the children. They also received various donations in terms of toys and staple food commodities. Based on the facilities provided by XSProject, we prepared some fun activities like scavenger hunt, played various games, and organised a library club activity with Jakarta International School (JIS) students. Whilst continuing to follow strict protocols and maintaining their health, considering the current situation, we wanted them to still be able to learn through other educational activities and play outdoors.

The Jakarta International School (JIS) offers a collaboration where their High School students create various programs and extra-curricular activities. The school can collaborate with other non-profit organisations under the umbrella JIS cares (JIS Peduli). A few examples of their activities are Library, Garden Club and ‘take a bow drama’. XSProject children participated in all the three activities.

The first one was at the XSLibrary where the kids interacted with the JIS students online by doing an activity given by them. On normal circumstances, the JIS students would come and read books or play different games with the children. The second one was the Garden Club activity where the JIS students come and plant trees in our facility. The third activity was ‘take a bow’ drama club. Due to the pandemic, the JIS students created a website with skits/games using videos and sent it to us for us to practice and play with the children.

The main idea is to provide activities that will keep the children busy and happy but also have some activities that will make them mobile so they are not only sitting in one place. Overall, it was an enjoyable set of activities that enliven the spirits of the children by allowing them to interact with JIS students in a new way.

Our continuous efforts to keep things moving allows us and the children to feel positive and motivated.

We thank you, our customers and community for their support and dedication to our project.

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fun activities

1 thought on “Fun activities to entertain the Children”

  1. What a wonderful thing to find how they grow nicely!! Though we cannot visit You as often as before now, we always think of you and pray for your health and happiness!!
    Please stay safe and good always!! Hope we can get together soon again!!
    Lots of love ❤️ from Japan 🇯🇵!!

    Always your supporter Michiko ,Mana, Yuko (my mom)

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