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THANK YOU from all of us

All of us at XSProject Indonesia would like to express our gratitude and how grateful we are. A BIG THANK YOU for your support of our programs in 2021. Many generous and thoughtful donors have contributed to our social programs.

The year started with the continued pandemic situation and a few months ago as we started to feel it is almost over a new virus emerged. Despite the pandemic and the current situation, it has not discouraged the children, communities and XSProject Organisation (both the foundation and company) to keep moving forward and fighting to survive in carrying out its vision and mission.

School Supplies for HS
School Supplies for High School

The New Year started in the New Facility where the children were able to enjoy a cleaner and greener environment to do their homework, read books, and indulge in many other activities whilst also following strict health protocols. As the children still had to continue distance learning the new facility also helped to facilitate their education better. In March as the schools slowly re-opened, we received a number of toy and staple food donations for the children. Together with JIS (Jakarta International School), we created some fun educational and outdoor activities to entertain them. When Ramadhan approached, we kept the children busy in the afternoon to keep them engaged like reading the Qur’an, playing games and creating arts and crafts. Whilst the children were involved in the activities, we invited their moms to educate them on their health and had simple health check-ups for pregnant mothers.

The children had their end of the school year in July and received their report cards. Despite the challenging times and limited learning conditions of having no internet access, and inadequate facilities they managed to graduate and progress to the next level. As we continued to have activities for them, we also had the opportunity to give them healthy snacks and meals, to keep them well-nourished during the pandemic. When the second wave hit Indonesia and schools were halted, some schools for Early Childhood Education and Development (PAUD) in early September, started two times a week. To assist the primary and secondary school children in their online learning we provided them with a tutor to guide them. By doing this we noticed a significant change and improvement in the children’s development.


Progressing through the end of the year we provided ear health check-ups for all the children and adults including their parents. The benefits of health services received by the poorest people in Indonesia are very minimal in comparison to the upper class and wealthy. It was then decided considering the need, ear check-ups will be carried out regularly, as well as other health check-ups such as eyes, teeth, and general check-ups for children and parents.

Dental check up
Dental check-up

Both parents and children have been very happy and relieved with the facilities, care and support provided by XSProject. We continue to plan better facilities to support and keep them comfortable. Your donation, time, energy and support to XSProject has a direct impact on making this happen. XSProject helps the children to aim to have a better life not just for themselves but also for their parents. Showing and providing more opportunities and new experiences outside their world will motivate them to work hard in school and to be eager for more knowledge.

We hope you will continue to support our work in the trash picker community. You are making a difference for them.

We are very grateful and we thank you all so much.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2022 from all of us at XSProject in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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